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NEW! Oasis LipSense Collection

July has been SUCH a busy month for new releases!

On Friday, the Oasis LipSense collection was released in the wake of the Oasis ShadowSense collection announced in June.

This set of two LipSense shades and one Gloss that are totally NEW and unique shades that have never been done before. I'm super excited to get my hands on these!

Which shade from this collection is your favorite?

🔥 New! Sunstone LipSense - a warm, medium pink with gold shimmer and glitter

🔥New! Mirage LipSense - a metallic bronze with red and gold glitter

🔥 New! Desert Topaz Gloss -a shimmering mauve/beige with subtle violet and blue iridescence

Sunstone LipSense