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Bring the HEAT 🔥

The recent release of seven new ShadowSense shades in every color of the rainbow has me ITCHING to do more creative looks!

Scrolling on Pinterest, this amazing eye look by ARIANNE DREESSEN (@1500px) popped up on my feed. I just HAD to give it a shot!


I recreated this fiery look Saturday night on Facebook Live.

You can watch the replay here.

My version of this gorgeous look is below!

To create the shimmer effect on the yellow, I used Gold EyeSense layered on top of the Yellow ShadowSense. The effect was exactly what I imagined!

Products I Used:


  • Silk Primer

  • Light Concealer

  • Almond Foundation

  • Bronze Translucent Powder

  • Pearlizer


  • Show ShadowSense (base)

  • Red ShadowSense

  • Orange ShadowSense

  • Yellow ShadowSense

  • Gold EyeSense Pencil (on lid)

  • Black LashSense

  • Black EyeSense Pencil (tight line)

  • Ardell Lashes


  • Sand Gloss

I'm super happy with how this turned out and I'm excited to play with collection even more! On the video I used Limited Edition Juicy Cherry Gloss but switched to Sand later for photos. I felt like a really subtle lip was best with this bold eye look.

Click HERE to shop for the products I used in this look.

What do you think? Should I do more looks like this Live?

Let me know in the comments!



#Trends #MakeupTips

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